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Amtek Pet Critter Gitter

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Amtek Pet Critter Gitter

The Critter Gitter keeps wild or domestic animals away from people or property. It has been successfully used to control wild Bear, Deer, Skunks, Raccoons, Wolves and most other animals that have been known to destroy lawns and gardens.

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The Critter Gitter

The Critter Gitter keeps wild or domestic animals away from people or property. It has been successfully used to control wild Bear, Deer, Skunks, Raccoons, Wolves and most other animals that have been known to destroy lawns and gardens. This product controls Bear, Deer and any many animals without expensive and unsightly fencing. Critter Gitter is also very effective for keeping Bears away from Bee Hives and proteting Koi ponds and areas from birds.

FULLY AUTOMATIC - Here’s how it works: using heat and motion sensors, Critter Gitter detects animals as they enter your yard or garden. The Critter Gitter emits a startling audible high-pitched sound and flashes small red lights. The sudden sound and light frightens the animals away. The unit then automatically resets to guard against the next intrusion. The Critter Gitter is a great deterrent for wild Deer, Bear, Moose, Skunks and Raccoons.  Unlike ultrasonics which are ineffective, the Critter Gitter obtains immediate, safe results.

THE CRITTER GITTER VARIES THE SOUND pattern and flashes a red light to prevent the animals from getting accustomed to just one sound pattern. Wild animals, pests, cats and dogs are conditioned to stay away from protected areas. You’ll no longer need to use harmful poisons or traps.

IT’S EASY TO USE - Mount Critter Gitter where the animal must cross the sensor path. Allow 30 seconds for the Critter Gitter to warm up. Keep clear of sensor area. Critter Gitter will sound when an animal sets it off. Then it will reset automatically for any further intrusion.

Used effectively by Animal Control, State Parks, Home Owners, Expeditions in Remote Areas. Many Testimonials available to Critter Gitter’s Oustanding Performance.

  • Fully Automatic
  • Heat & Motion Sensors
  • Emits Sounds & Lights
  • Frightens Intruders
  • Resets Automatically
  • Varies Pitch & Light
  • Battery Operated
  • One Year Warranty
  • It Simply WORKS… Positively!
  • Critter Gitter
  • 9-volt battery
  • Instructions
Manufacturer: Amtek
UPC: 749617020505
Package Dimensions: 2″ x 10″ x 5″
Weight: 0.5 lb.
Range: 40′ x 90 degrees
Power: 1 9-volt battery
Battery Life: 1 year


I have just returned from an expedition in Mongolia where we used your “Critter Gitter” to keep wolves away from our horses at night. It was most successful.

I should like to have three of these splendid devices sent by airmail to my colleague.

Please could you advise me.

Thank you,
Yours faithfully,

- John Blasford-Snell


To Whom It May Concern:

I received your “Critter Gitters” as a gift last Christmas. My son and daughter in law felt badly for me because every year,I take great pains to plant and nurture a vegetable garden. Every year,the garden is savaged by deer, rabbits and other small animals.

I mounted the “Critter Gitters” as specified in the instructions. I must admit at first, I wasn’t sure if they were going to work. After a few weeks, I noticed that none of my vegetables had been touched! The high pitched squeal that sounds when an animal approaches has become music to my ears.

It’s nice to see a company deliver what they promise. Thanks for the best garden that I have had in ten years!


Sam Natoli


We were camped in our patio boat for the night on Lake Shasta. Since I am afraid of bears, we set up our Critter Gitter. We placed it on a stake, in the dirt, on the right side of the boat facing North. We slept in the front of the boat with all the canvas closed. Around 2 AM, the Critter Gitter went off. It was loud. We quickly opened up the canvas and saw the rear end of a large bear racing up the hill. Needless to say, he didn’t come back. When the sun came up, we followed his tracks. He must have bumped into the Critter Gitter as it was facing North and he came up from the South.

It was after that adventure that we got another Critter Gitter so we were secure in both directions. We could sleep worry free under the protection of the Critter Gitter.

- George and Loretta Humphries


I just want you to know that the Critter Gitter alarms really work for me.

I like cats but they used to come into my back patio and leave the remains of half eaten gophers near my patio door.

After I got the Critter Gitter alarm, I had no more problems with my back patio.

However, the cats then left their bounty on my front porch.  The solution—another Critter Gitter!  It worked and I have no more problems.

I live alone and I found the alarm also let me know when unwanted sales people came to my door.  It keeps them away too!

Sincerely, Rose White

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