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Aïkiou Dog Bowl

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Aïkiou Dog Bowl

The perfect dog bowl that helps your dog eat slower and live better.

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Regular Price: $29.95

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Aïkiou Dog Interactive Feeder

How it works:

Your dog is a natural hunter, he likes using his paws and his nose to search for food.

The AiKiou (pronounced “IQ”) uses this idea, also knowed as behavioral enrichment to help him relieve anxiety and eat at a slower pace.  It is recommended by behavioral specialists and the ASPCA.

With it’s 14 different compartments, your dog needs to use his paws and his senses like smell to find food hidden inside.  With his nose and paws, he needs to turn the central wheel and move the blockers to solve the puzzle and gain access to his meal.

A little activity

Searching for food is the best way to have a healthy dog.  It gives a reflexion challenge and a chance to play which both are part of the natural behavior of dogs in nature.

Helps with your dogs weight

Today, 67% of dogs have weight or eating problems.  Giving a positive activity to do that will slow speed of ingestion can greatly reduce weight and digestive problems and enhance your dogs health.

An innovation in dog feeders

Now easier to fill and clean, this bowl is what your dog needs in his life.  It can help reduce dog anxiety and reduce dog bloating.  The blockers are now also adjustable to provide more fun.

A Solution for a growing Problem:

In the last few years, dog weight problems have become an issue.  Solving these problems is one of AiKiou goals.  Using an interactive dog feeder can enhance your dog life and the fact that he needs to search for his food will greatly lower his speed of ingestion and help lower his weight and anxiety.  Unfortunately, we have forgotten that dogs have natural needs, food search being one of them.  This is also a positive activity that helps with self esteem and helps your dogs rediscover his true nature by hunting and searching for his meal.

How an interactive feeder works:

  • Think:  Your dog needs to use his senses and think to solve the game
  • Play:  your dog needs to solve the puzzle feeder thus, spending his energy
  • Find:  Using his paws and nose, he needs to move parts to get access to the food
  • Eat his food:  This will give him access to his food or treats that are hidden inside
  • Relax:  Spending his energy on food search can help with relaxation and reduce unwanted behaviour
A dog feeder that replaces:
  • A slow feeder: With 14 different openings to challenge your dogs mind and prevent gulping.
  • A food bowl: Your dog will experience a new feeding experience and a mind challenge.
  • A puzzle: It is an interactive dog puzzle feeder.It’s natural for dogs:
  • To search for food: To use their sense of smell in a daily food search according to most behaviourists.
  • To play with your meal: Because it gives you something to do instead of waiting all day long.
  • To have a challenge: Because staying in bed and eating can’t be good for you.We changed your dog bowl so that:
  • It would be easier to fill: By redesigning the center wheel, we were able to make it even easier to fill with a standard cup.
  • You could change the difficulty: You can now reverse the toecaps to get more challenge with two levels.
  • It would contain your full meal: With a capacity of up to 3 and a half cups, you have more than enough.It is perfect for your dog’s:
  • Weight problems: Because it will control the ingestion speed, it will help reduce chances of weight problems.
  • Digestion: Because of the way these bowls are built, they can help prevent bloating in dogs since they eat at a slower pace.
  • True nature: Since this is how they would normally eat in nature, this is part of a healthy feeding experience.How does it work?
  • Turn the centre: And discover the food hidden inside the different compartments.
  • Slide the toe caps: Moving the from one side to the other to get to your food.
  • Play: Like you would do in nature, instead of chewing on peoples shoes…
  • Think: with this new redesigned version, you can also block the wheel with different treats for more challenge.Is this product safe?
  • Polypropylene: We use only polypropylene to make sure their will not be any BPA or BHT problems.
  • Lead: You don’t want it, so do we. We test our products with ASTM norms like children toys and bottles.
  • Breaking: Compared to others, we make sure the plastic will not create sharp edges if broken.
  • Washing: We only make products that are dishwasher safe because we know you want something easy to clean.Specifications:
  • Size: 14X12X3 inches
  • Weight: 1.6 pounds
  • Opening size: 2X2 inches
  • Opening depth: 1.3 inches
  • Opening quantity: 14
  • Food capacity: 3 cups
  • Dogs sizes: 5 to 110 pounds
  • Plastic: BPA/BHT free human food grade polypropylene
  • Testing: ASTM-962 for kids toys
  • Cleaning: Dishwasher safe
  • Use: This device can be used to prevent weight problems in dogs and slow feeding. It is also recommended as a slow feeder and is part of the recommended program as an interactive feeder for dogs.

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